The perfect marriage of French and Vietnamese cuisines Based on a concept created by French-Vietnamese biology-engineer-turned-chef Stephane Yvin and his wife Huong (also known as Tin), herself a Vietnamese chef born into a family of chefs and restaurant owners, Green Tangerine offers cuisine inspired by French recipes complimented with Vietnamese flavours.


Stephane Yvin has been dubbed by various local and international media a 'food wizard' who, whilst waving his wand passionately around the kitchen, creates a sumptuous and daring combination of the most unusual flavours and textures that one could imagine. a talent which melds exquisitely with Tin's superb mix-and-match gustative senses.


As traveling enthusiasts, Stephane and Huong seek new cuisine ideas and cooking techniques on every trip they take, providing inspiration reflected in Green Tangerine's innovative menu. The imagination of their culinary fusion is made possible by sourcing only

The finest ingredients from around the world, and scouring local markets for the freshest herbs and spices.


The culinary creations served at Green Tangerine can be summarized by two words: they are both authentic and experimental. The creative and dynamic menu is changed every 6 months, offering options to impress the most fastidious food critics. Be it authentic Vietnamese items such as spring rolls or 'Ca qua' fish in tamarind sauce. or French classics with a little twist, such as the dessert of Chocolate truffle fritters perfumed with tamarind and the red fruit flower sauce. every dish is a creation whose ingredients reflect the perfect balance of yin and yang.

Menu Details

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